Safety Driving Precautions

You are a skilled driver? Your truck is perfect? That’s great! So many skilled driver of trucks, cars, vans and any vehicle…their cars, trucks, vans are also built with the highest quality! But why they meet an accident? No matter how skilled driver you are, no matter how good and perfect your truck or vehicle is, if you do not observe safety precautions for driving, you will be subjected to accident which causes death in many cases. In fact, studies show that many people kill and are killed due to their error in driving. That error is disobedient to driving etiquette and safety driving. Here are the precautions you have to observe in driving.

1.Check your brakes

Always check your brake every time as needed. Loose brake most of cases is the cause of an accident. Truck does not damage only few or kill few if lost brakes. There are many trucks around the world that killed many people since truck force is very powerful to crush many things.

2. Do not drive drunk

This is very common for drivers, they sometimes think they can manage to drive even though they are drunk a little but actually not! You already know that you lose concentration when you are drunk.

3. Focus

If possible, do not drive when you are in trouble because this weakens your concentration thus resulting into an accident.

4. Follow your lane only

It is not prohibited to take over another car or vehicle ahead of you but be sure to follow your lane. Even if drivers are cautious on the other lane if you do not follow right lane, innocent people will die.

5. Do not text while driving

No texting policy should be in the first place. You will not only bump into another vehicle but instead, you also will bump innocent people crossing.

6. Look at the side mirror at times

It is always good to see what is in your back. And avoid sudden stop so that cars following you will not be in trouble.

7. Do not drive when drowsy

Some think that if they do some movement, they will be awaken. But in fact, even while driving, falling into asleep is irresistible.

8. Do not speed up

Do not speed up especially when driving down on a hill. If it looses brake, it is very hard to control and the impact will be stronger.

9. Observe one-meter distance

Keeping distance should be observed. In some cases, even if somehow you think that there will be no accident in a traffic jam as it seems cars are not moving, there is always an accident. It is because there is no sufficient distance between cars so when a car needs to move forward, usually bumps at the back.

10. Watch out for weather

Even if the truck is use for delivery, for business, do not drive when the weather is totally bad. Or when you are already on your way, be cautious, slow and drive safely.

11. Watch out for signs

Signs are surely a guide for drivers to follow in order to keep on driving safely, but if you ignore signs, do not expect for a safe arrival.